Course Details

M.E. – Engineering Design

M.E. Engineering Design course is an integrated study of understanding the designing disciplines involved in engineering. A comprehensive study of analyzing the problem, reading through the data minutely, later on using the skills acquired through the study, candidates are able to develop or create a solution to meet the need of end consumer. M.E. Engineering Design trains students to gather information and understand logistics, design, formulate the protocol, thereby configure the operations on the computer.

The program aids candidates the necessary skills of problem-solving, sequencing and resolving issues in a professional way. This program gives an opportunity for students to develop required knowledge and gain proficiency in advanced engineering technical courses, which benefits the students who contemplate to pursue research in engineering design.

The program holds a greater benefit for students, who after the successful completion of the course can set into lucrative careers in public and private sector companies, MNCs, Aerospace and Automotive, Manufacturing and so on, holding senior-level positions. The average remuneration drawn by graduates of the program ranges between INR 2 to 7 Lacs. This can see a gradual increase with the years of experience and higher qualification.

Park College of Engineering and Technology